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Being near the water really is good for us

We've long known it - being close to water feels good for the soul.

It doesn't matter if it's the ocean, the river, a lake, or even just a pond in the yard; water seems to help calm us and soothe whatever negative feelings we have. There have been hundreds of scientific studies showing how being near water can translate into positive outcomes, both for physical and mental health.

That includes improved memory, attention, creativity, sleep, and reductions in anxiety and depression. Just one of these studies followed 1,000 people moving to 'greener' areas and found significant positive health outcomes.

And now we have even more evidence of this. A recent study followed 20,000 people and asked them to report their feelings at random times. The app used then worked out where they were. The results showed a significant improvement of several percent when in a green area - and twice that when near water.

It's not a solution to our problems - but it's absolutely a tool we can use. I know from personal experience that taking Mancha to the beach always recharges my batteries and helps me to feel more alive.

Now, he might just get taken there a little more often..!

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