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Counsellor services

We don't just help clients - we provide services that help counsellors, too. 

Counselling websites, in Wix

Since we started out researching and designing websites before moving into providing counselling services, we feel we're uniquely placed to design counselling-based websites.

We can design your site within Wix, working from your needs and your content to create a site that is unique to you. We'll do this for a fixed price of just $1,800. That includes designing the site from your inputs, finalising the content up to a review stage, and handing the site over to your own Wix account for launching. You'll need to connect your domain and launch and pay for the site within Wix, but otherwise it's all done for you. Simple!

A customer-friendly approach

We've worked in the research and design space for a combined 40+ years, most of which was spent helping global companies and Government departments understand their customers better. We always put you, the customer, at the heart of what we do.

Ongoing support

We start by talking to you about what you need - and continue to talk with you, throughout. It's your site, your design, your content. We'll help and guide you where you want us to, but you'll be involved all the way through. 

A global approach

We've worked with global shopping giants like Amazon, local services such as Carer Gateway and the NDIS, and have run research and design projects in China, Australia, England and the USA. We bring a big-budget global approach to low-cost, local counselling site designs.

Personalised, modern designs

Our experience has been in User-Experience design. That means we've user tested thousands of people, and designed hundreds of experiences. Name a brand and the chances are we've worked with them.  We use the best of Wix, to design your counselling website to reflect you and your business.

Ready to get your own Wix site for just $1,800? Contact us today!

Counsellor tools

We provide some simple tools and templates for counsellors. Feel free to review these and select any that you'd like to download.

Not sure where to start? We can help!

Click the link below and fill out the contact form, we will get back to you shortly. Or call us on 0415 792 055,

9am to 5pm - Monday to Friday. 

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